Joseph Patrick Murphy

Born in New York, raised in New Jersey, Joe Murphy was twelve years old when he started studying karate, riding motorcycles and skiing. Little did he know that those hobbies would someday be a small part of a huge career. At twenty-one Joe left home for California. Upon arriving, he looked up veteran stuntman, Paul Stader's address, went to his home and convinced Stader to train him. He studied stunt work under Stader for six months. Over the next three years, Joe worked odds-ends jobs on film sets including stand-in work and set construction. Then, in 1987, he was hired by stunt coordinator Alan Gibbs for the film, The Wrong Guys. Joe has coordinated dozens of shows including fifteen P.M. productions. Broadway Joe (in stunt work you only get one take, just like Broadway) has set two world records. He holds the longest and highest pipe ramp ever in the history of Hollywood! for private wars, he sailed a van through the air for 156 feet, 4 storeys above Hollywood Boulevard (a dent still remains in the pavement, his own personal star). JOE also holds the record for farthest (air ram) fire gag for alien intruder starring Billy Dee Williams. Joe's philosophy on stunt work is simple - take out the risk. He's never worked without a paramedic on the set.

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